Building a solution to address climate change


Studies estimate global energy demand will increase by 69 percent by 2040. Since buildings are the greatest consumer of the world’s energy, they offer the biggest potential (and lowest cost) for achieving significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions.

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Innovations with welded steel egress stairs


Featuring pre-engineered components, Lapeyre Stair’s welded steel egress stairs are designed to be customized to best fit each individual project. An assortment of options allows architects and engineers to create harmony between pre-engineered components and unique building elements.

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Innovation with screwless metal stud framing


Using bendable tabs, the new TAB TRACK offers screwless stud-to-track attachment for metal stud wall framing. The tabs are evenly spaced throughout the track leg to provide not only consistent on-center stud layout without a tape measure, but also placement for additional studs that may be off-layout.

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New revolving door with a modern twist

BoonAssist TQ

Boon Edam has introduced a new manual revolving door that offers a unique combination of three standard features: a special power-assist motor drive, speed control, and automatic positioning. The BoonAssist TQ can be large and spacious, while providing ‘push-and-go’ ease of use and unparalleled safety. The positioning feature also allows for automatic locking options and access control integration for a safe and secure entrance during evening hours.

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Innovations in rollable furring strips

ConstructionSpec Keene Branded News September 2016 IMAGE 2

Easy-Fur™ is a strip that creates a cutting-edge rainscreen and venting system behind wood and fiber-cement siding. Its unique design allows for the fastest installation of any furring strip on the market because it can be rolled onto the wall and easily cut to length.

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Understanding fire-rated glass floors

Specifying fire-rated glass floors can offer numerous advantages in both form and function. The topic is part of a new e-book on specialty glazing. Photo courtesy Technical Glass Products

Design professionals can specify fire-rated glass floor systems in a range of horizontal applications typically reserved for opaque fire- and heat-blocking materials. To find out more, download our free e-book on specialty glazing materials.

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Preventing rooftop avalanches


The SnowMax family of products from Alpine SnowGuards includes pad-, pipe-, and fence-style snow management systems available in configurations engineered specifically for use on standing-seam and corrugated metal roofing.

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When it comes to walls, there’s always more to say


ClarkDietrich has been carrying on one of the industry’s most exciting dialogues for some time now, and its inviting others to join in. The conversation is about walls—specifically, about specifying greater strength and innovation into the walls being designed and built.

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Design with the latest in building science technology


Designers and building owners alike should expect their building enclosure to function at the same level years later as it did on day one. Building on 75 years of innovation, Dow is engineering solutions to solve the building industry’s toughest challenges to advance the built environment for lasting performance in sustainable commercial construction.

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