Drained and back-ventilated ACM panels engineered for hurricanes


SAF Series C4000 rainscreen aluminum composite material (ACM) systems allow moisture to permeate the outside wall, but subsequently drain through weep holes along the bottom edge of each panel. A strip of composite material in the reveal between each panel (instead of caulk) creates a more uniform appearance.

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Installing adhered masonry veneers and protecting against moisture

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The LATICRETE® Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS™) is designed to offer complete solutions for adhered masonry veneers, including thin brick, manufactured stone, and natural stone. MVIS provides a permanent, high-strength installation that is freeze-thaw stable and protects against water intrusion.

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Providing seamless design with borderless grilles


In response to positive feedback and increasing demand, Artistry in Architectural Grilles is excited to announce the addition of aluminum, primed JBead Frame Linear Bar Grilles (patent pending) to its line of stock items.

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New solutions for sliding door and ADA applications


Hager Companies has come a long way when it comes to outfitting a door. For generations, we have been known for hanging commercial and residential doors with our hinges. Through the years, we have expanded our offerings to locking, opening and closing, sealing, and accessorizing doors.

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