10 benefits of wood structural panel wall sheathing

Wood structural panel (WSP) sheathing is a cost-effective solution to many of builders’ biggest challenges. Communities need housing that will better withstand increasingly violent weather. Builders want economical products and techniques that can be learned quickly. More and more, homeowners seek green, energy-efficient homes. Sheathing with wood accomplishes all of these requirements and more. In fact, sheathing with wood benefits the builder in at least 10 different ways:

  1. Simplify siding – Streamline the attachment of siding and trim
  2. Advanced framing – Construct homes that balance structure, energy efficiency, and cost
  3. Strength – Resist lateral uplift loads at raised heel trusses
  4. Wall bracing – Easy compliance with IRC wall bracing requirements
  5. Insulation options – Rigid base allows for high density wall insulations
  6. Energy code – Cost effectively comply with energy code requirements
  7. Air barrier – Panel sheathing is a code-recognized air barrier
  8. Resilience – Construct homes that stand up to high wind and bounce back from earthquakes
  9. Brick ties – Brick tie attachment to sheathing without the need to hit a stud
  10. Sustainability – Strong, long lasting and environmentally-friendly building material

For more information about the benefits of WSP sheathing, including videos, technical reports, and construction guides, please visit www.apawood.org/walls.

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