Cladding and control layers covered in free e-book

by Cindy Macdonald | September 24, 2018 3:16 pm

An example of a face barrier attachment in a concealed area.
Photo courtesy Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

The ability to use both face- and concealed-barrier systems on a project affords designers and contractors flexibility in meeting overall project goals. However, the details of the transitions between these systems must be closely examined to maintain continuity of the air, water, thermal, and vapor barriers. Considering the performance factors of the exterior walls in coordination with the attachment, movement, and sequencing of work are critical to the design of a successful enclosure.

More discussion of the challenges presented by adjacent face- and concealed-barrier elements is presented in a new e-book, Protecting Against Water Intrusion. The latest downloadable e-book from The Construction Specifier offers insights to the function and design of air and water control layers in modern, high-performance building enclosures.

Readers will learn detailing for the high-risk areas of a wall system, and the terminology related to fastener penetrations through materials, such as “self-healing” and “self-gasketing.”

Download the Protecting Against Water Intrusion e-book in two different formats—pdf or digital edition—by visiting[1]



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