Convert with confidence: The advanced alternative to steel reinforced concrete

by Samantha Ashenhurst | June 19, 2018 12:00 am

Convert with confidence: The advanced alternative to steel reinforced concrete

[1]MasterFiber MAC 360 FF is a highly engineered synthetic hybrid fiber designed to strengthen plastic concrete to minimize plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking, while effectively enhancing the post-crack flexural toughness of hardened concrete. This hybrid fiber provides unparalleled finishing aesthetics while maintaining concrete performance.

MasterFiber MAC 360 FF hybrid fiber offers a truly unique, non-corrosive, three-dimensional alternative solution to welded-wire reinforcement, light diameter bars, and the steel fibers used as conventional temperature and shrinkage reinforcement in concrete.

The most common application for MasterFiber MAC 360 FF include:

Click here[2] to hear from industry professionals on the performance of MasterFiber MAC 360 FF hybrid fiber from BASF.


Potential issues with conventional shrinkage and temperature steel reinforcement

Improper positioning WWR “ends up” at the bottom of the slab or the distributed steel is not chaired properly.


  • steel reinforcement ineffective in holding cracks tight
  • increased slab maintenance costs
Installation costs  

Significant labor costs are incurred with the installation of WWR or steel bars.


  • requires skilled labor
  • takes time and delays concrete placement
  • may require crane or other handling equipment
  • typically requires concrete pump or crane/bucket

WWR and steel bars pose a safety risk.


  • trip and fall hazard
  • hand and foot injuries
  • lacerations and scrapes
  • back strain
  • potential to increase the experience modification rate (EMR)

WWR can potentially cause concrete durability concerns.


  • corrosion
  • poor aesthetics
  • 2-dimension reinforcement
Jobsite storage  

Space required to store the WWR or steel bars.


  • space may be at a “premium”
  • handling equipment to unload WWR or steel bars to storage and later to the slab location
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