Cornell high-performance sectional door offering speed and durability

by arslan_ahmed | August 9, 2022 7:00 am

Image for reference purposes only. Photo courtesy Clopay Corporation

When every second counts, count on the Extreme™ Series Sectional Door[2].

Fast, reliable operation

The new Extreme Series Sectional Door opens at an average speed of 610 mm/sec (24 in/sec)—three times faster than traditional sectional doors*. Plus, it can handle the high volume of 600 cycles per day.

Engineered for longevity and safety

The Extreme Series Sectional Door is built for durability. It comes standard with heavy-duty hardware, double-end stiles, and an upgraded lift cable, resulting in a five-times longer life cycle than traditional doors**. For safety, a light curtain provides 0.9 m (3 ft) of protection, while a cable management system and cable tension monitors prevent movement if cables become slack or break.

Image for reference purposes only. Photo courtesy Clopay Corporation

Custom design options

This high-performance door also offers design flexibility. Options include full-view sections in multiple glazing materials, insulated sections for temperature and noise control, and a complete range of finish choices including standard aluminum, custom powder coat and anodized finishes. Sizes up to 4.9-m (16.2-ft) wide and 4.3-m (14-ft) high are ideal for emergency service facilities, distribution centers and warehouses, automotive buildings and more.

*When compared to a 3.1-m by 3.1 m (10-ft by 10-ft) door with a Logic 5.0™ operator set to an average of 203 m/sec (8 in/sec)

**when compared to a standard product with a 10,000-cycle life


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