DBIA announces 2015 design-build competition winners

August 3, 2015

The winners of the National Design-Build Awards, hosted by the Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA), were recently announced as including Nutrabolt (pictured), one of the winners in the commercial category. Photo courtesy DBIA

The Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA) held its 20th annual awards, recognizing exemplary collaboration and integration in design-build project delivery.

National Award of Merit winners were evaluated and selected by a panel of industry experts from the following categories:

“To win a National Design-Build Project/Team Award, projects must not only achieve budget and schedule goals, but also demonstrate advanced and innovative application of design-build best practices,” said the group’s CEO Lisa Washington. “This year’s winning projects exemplify ‘Design-Build Done Right’ in their design-build process, excellence in design, and extraordinary teaming performance. The jury’s difficulty in choosing winners demonstrates how much design-build expertise has expanded since we started the awards program in 1996.”

Winning one of the commercial awards was the Mission Hall Global Health and Clinical Sciences Building [2]in San Francisco. The 24,526-m² (264,000-sf) building needed to consolidate dozens of departments working in leased spaces throughout the city and forge a link between academic, research, and medical sectors. The project’s challenge was to be completed in 24 months, and it surpassed expectations and was completed six months earlier. It also had a limited budget of $93.7 million.

The other commercial winner was Nutrabolt[3], a sport nutrition company that needed a facility with flexibility. Its new campus includes two buildings, a 2787-m² (30,000-sf) office building and a 1858-m² (20,000-sf) employee fitness facility. The design-build team successfully embodied the company’s “work hard, play hard” culture.

The Nutrabolt meeting rooms and private offices are grouped into a series of ‘boxes’ each clad in either stone, wood, metal, stucco, or board-framed concrete. The informal arrangement of boxes around a central courtyard creates a network of connected open office areas and lounge spaces that promote collaboration between departments. The project took 12 months to complete and cost $12, 250 563.

To view winners from all nine categories, click here[4].

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