Fire-rated glass-ceramic with a clear and fast advantage

Fire-rated glazing projects come with a unique set of challenges. SCHOTT has developed PYRAN® Platinum to help you keep pace with tough demands—starting with tight timelines.

PYRAN® Platinum is a transparent glass-ceramic that is thin, lightweight, and easily installed in virtually all Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed metal frames. Readily available in most local markets through a distributor, lead times can be as short as just a few days.

Compared to other fire-rated glass-ceramic products, PYRAN® Platinum offers several other important advantages, including:

  • fire-rated for up to 90 minutes in windows and 180 minutes in doors;
  • high temperature and thermal shock resistance;
  • clear and colorless, with a smooth and distortion-free finish;
  • available in a wide range of sizes, including the largest UL- tested sheet size in the industry—cut from stock at a distributor’s site; and
  • produced without hazardous antimony or arsenic heavy metals.

Get the advantage of working with the glass of the future now. Visit the website to see why PYRAN® Platinum is clearly the choice for a project.

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