Innovative design for an innovative product: Roseburg’s Chester engineered wood plant to start up this fall

September 10, 2019

[1]Roseburg’s new Chester, South Carolina, engineered wood plant will be a manufacturing marvel when construction ends and production begins later this year. The greenfield project, which broke ground in late 2017 on a 82-ha (203-acre) site east of Rock Hill, South Carolina, will produce Roseburg’s RigidLam® laminated veneer lumber (LVL) headers and beams. A better choice than solid sawn lumber pieces, Roseburg’s RigidLam® LVL headers and beams are a stronger, stiffer, more consistent, and more predictable building material that can support heavier loads over greater spans than conventional lumber.

[2]Chester-made RigidLam® LVL will be produced with locally sourced southern pine. The new plant is the most technologically advanced of its kind, and features the highest-capacity continuous press in the world (283,168 m3 [10 million cf]). The Chester plant will complement the company’s Riddle Engineered Wood plant in Oregon, which currently manufactures RFPI® Joists, RigidLam® LVL and RigidRim® rimboard. Expanding Roseburg’s manufacturing capacity with this new state-of-the-art plant allows the company to meet growing customer demand for a versatile product combining the best of modern processing technology and structural capability.

More information about Roseburg engineered wood products[3] is available on the Roseburg[4] website.

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