MasterFiber MAC 360FF – the advanced alternative to steel-reinforced concrete

MasterFiber MAC 360 FF is a highly engineered synthetic hybrid fiber designed to strengthen plastic concrete to minimize plastic shrinkage and settlement cracking, while enhancing post-crack flexural toughness of hardened concrete. This hybrid fiber provides unparalleled finishing aesthetics while maintaining concrete performance.

MasterFiber MAC 360 FF offers a unique, non-corrosive, three-dimensional alternative solution to welded-wire reinforcement, light diameter bars, and the steel fibers used as conventional temperature and shrinkage reinforcement in concrete.

The most common applications for MasterFiber MAC 360 FF are:

  • hard-troweled concrete;
  • industrial and warehouse slabs-on-ground;
  • concrete pavements, white-topping and overlays;
  • composite metal decks; and
  • architectural panels.

Potential issues with conventional shrinkage and temperature steel reinforcement

Improper positioning: Welded wire reinforcement (WWR) ‘ends up’ at the bottom of the slab or the distributed steel is not chaired properly. Steel reinforcement is ineffective in holding cracks tight.

Installation costs: Significant labor costs are incurred with the installation of WWR or steel bars. This takes time and delays concrete placement.

Safety: WWR and steel bars pose a safety risk. They are trip and fall hazards and can cause lacerations, scrapes, and back strains.

Durability: WWR can potentially cause concrete durability concerns, such as corrosion, and the reinforcement is only two-dimensional.

Jobsite storage: Space is required to store the WWR or steel bars, and jobsite space may be at a “premium”.

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