NACIA awardees exhibit innovative use of architectural copper alloys

by arslan_ahmed | August 2, 2022 2:35 pm

Copper Development Association’s 2022 North American Copper in Architecture Awards (NACIA) program has chosen 11 projects as winners based on their considerable presence and use of copper, and the significance of their projects—historic, modern, or otherwise.

New Construction NACIA award winner: CHUM Auditorium, Montreal, Quebec. Photo courtesy Adrien Williams

The exact criteria used for judging the entries were the fusing of copper alloys into the overall building design, expertise shown in installation, and mastery of innovation or restoration.

New Construction NACIA award winner: Havergal College Upper School, Toronto, Ontario. Photo courtesy Ellis Creek Photography

Since its launch in 2008, the NACIA awards program has recognized 189 copper buildings in the United States and Canada, including notable buildings such as the Colorado State Capitol, Harvard Law School, The Plaza Hotel, and St. Patrick’s Basilica.

NACIA award winning project for restoration: Adler Planetarium Dome, Chicago, Illinois Photo courtesy Troop Contracting

The 11 winning projects of 2022 are as follows:

New Construction:

New Construction NACIA award winner: Lubber Run Community Center, Arlington, Virginia. Photo courtesy Tom Holdsworth and Alan Karchmer


NACIA award winning project for resortation: 3-D Copper Dome for Athens FUMC, Athens, Alabama. Photo courtesy Jenn Delle of Ornametals

‎“‎The 2022 NACIA winners exhibit copper’s endless range of applications through innovation in new and historical restoration projects,” ‎said CDA’s project manager & architectural applications specialist, Larry Peters. “Answering the growing demand to meet environmental goals using sustainable building materials, the 2022 winners demonstrate a perfect balance of maximizing green materials and longevity, creating architecture masterpieces for generations to come.”

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