New from Telling: True-Brace mechanical bridging

Telling Industries is an American owned and operated manufacturer of premium metal framing products and accessories. Telling is a leader in metal framing innovation and is actively developing leading-edge products to better serve the construction industry.

Available soon, True-Brace is used as mechanical bridging for studs. Typically, U-channel or CRC, is attached to studs via clips or a weld to eliminate stud rotation and bending under wind or axial loads. Around 30-mm (1 1/2  in.) True-Brace is passed through the stud knockout and snapped securely into place with Telling’s patented technology saving valuable time and money.

True-Brace features an innovative, highly engineered design that securely locks the True-Brace into the stud slot hole without the need for clips or welding for most nonstructural applications.


Its features are:

  • made of galvanized steel;
  • highly engineered for secure fit in stud knockout;
  • True-Brace locks into the stud without clips or welding; and
  • notches every 100 mm (4 in.) to accommodate 305, 406, and 610 mm (12, 16, and 24 in.) on center (o.c.) stud spacing.


True-Brace offers many benefits including:

  • reduces installation time;
  • offers 10 percent savings on material and labor costs;
  • no clips or welding required; and
  • easy installation due to patented design.

Telling Industries offers innovative, responsive solutions for all your metal framing needs.


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