Specify responsibly to save birds’ lives

September 6, 2021

[1]Save energy and birds’ lives with AviProtek E bird-safe low-e glass by Walker Glass and Vitro Architectural Glass. AviProtek E is an innovative glass product that combines sustainability and bird-friendly glass design for responsible specifying.

While glass is one of the most economical and versatile building materials, collisions with glass remain a major cause of bird mortality in North America. AviProtek E glass combines Walker Glass’s bird-friendly, acid-etched patterns with Solarban solar control coatings by Vitro Glass to maximize the sustainability benefits of low-e glass and reduce bird collisions with buildings.


AviProtek E glass has received numerous accolades over the years and has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). It also meets California building legislation requirement AB262 and has a Health Product Declaration (HPD), which contributes to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points in the Materials & Resources (MR) category.

Visit Vitro Architectural Glass[3] to learn more and discover the possibilities with AviProtek E glass, the bird-safe low-e glass that helps architects and building owners satisfy new regulations for bird-friendly building design, achieve their environmental goals, and meet solar-performance targets.

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