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Super Stud: At the forefront of innovation, strength and safety

Super Stud Building Products has been supplying the wall and ceiling industry for nearly five decades. Initially with drywall and structural studs as well as steel accessories, Super Stud has grown into a full line supplier of products and systems for floor, wall, and ceiling construction.

Super Stud’s drywall stud, The EDGE, combines high yield strength, prime galvanized steel with patented roll-forming technology to provide exceptional structural and acoustic performance and a sound transmission class (STC) of 51 with a single layer of gypsum each face; resilient channel is not required.

Super Stud’s Triple Bypass deflection clips provide the widest range of movement and are made with 12-gauge, 345-MPa (50-ksi), G90 galvanized steel—standard.

Complete specifications can be found on Super Stud’s website, Login is not required. Super Stud provides everything needed to accurately specify both structural (MasterFormat No. 05 40 00–Cold-formed Metal Framing) and non-structural (MasterFormat No. 09 22 16–Non-structural Metal Framing) framing for interior and exterior walls and floor construction, as well as Product MasterSpec for sections 05 40 00 and 09 22 16, and detailed load and span information for all products.

Super Stud’s innovative team includes Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- (LEED) accredited professional structural engineering staff as a resource to help answer all technical and specifications questions at 800-477-7883 and

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