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A smart, natural wool insulation for healthy buildings

Building energy codes continue to shift in the direction of increased energy efficiency, resulting in tighter and better insulated buildings. At the same time, a focus on indoor air quality (IAQ) in the built environment is gaining traction. One way to counteract the negative effects of potentially toxic building materials on the occupants of a space is to choose insulation that ‘breathes,’ such as wool insulation.

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Insulating buildings with pressure-sensitive tape

Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape technologies have properties that can insulate a building from environmental events such as precipitation, vapor ingress, extreme cold and heat, and external noise. While there may be a temptation to use putties and caulks instead of PSA tapes for insulation purposes, those materials are typically employed as fillers meant to span gaps—they do not provide an air or water barrier. PSA tapes can be used as an effective alternative or complementary barrier throughout a building by sealing areas like windows and doors that may be vulnerable to outside environmental fluctuations.

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