This is T-SLAB — the future of precast concrete floor systems

Solid zones

In the past, one of the challenges of certain floor systems was the need for additional, expensive floor structures to be installed on top of the slab. T-SLAB helps eliminate this issue by making it easy to cast in a wide range of elements needed for overall construction during the production process. By omitting the lightweight concrete blocks, Tindall can create solid zones within the T-SLAB. This allows for embedded steel plates and other related items, and it also enables the slab to transfer loads through the entire structure. These zones can also be used for creating recesses for bath units, full blockouts, and embeds with additional reinforcements. Examples include:

● bathroom drains
● floor heating systems;
● Safety rail sleeves
● electric conduits and boxes;
● extra reinforcement standard and custom steel brackets; and
● large holes with added reinforcement.

Dapped bearings

The use of dapped bearings enables T-SLAB to reduce overall construction height and total structural depth. This improves the possibilities for interior redesigns and rebuilding while offering unobstructed installation mounting during construction. As an added bonus, these bearings are also able to hide the underside of slab joints, improving overall aesthetics.

How does T-SLAB affect construction schedules?

When the benefits of T-SLAB come together, this floor system can help lead to significantly faster construction schedules. One of the primary reasons for this is T-SLAB allows interior trades to access the building earlier in the process. When this slab system is leveraged for total precast structures, Tindall can reduce project schedules by months.

Is T-SLAB right for your next project?

Floor systems have been in need of a revolution for far too long. With T-SLAB, that revolution is finally here. This cutting-edge, 100 percent precast system empowers total precast designs, enables significantly faster construction schedules, and outclasses the other available options at every turn. To learn more about how this system could impact your next project, or to read more about Tindall’s commitment to innovation, head over to our website.

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