Why use rainscreens behind stucco claddings?

The magic phrase is ‘capillary break.’

Stucco claddings, along with many other absorptive claddings—including fiber cement, EIFS, and stone—don’t just need a good quality water-resistive barrier behind them, they need air circulation as well. Without a proper capillary break, air circulation is virtually impossible, which leads to many of the water intrusion issues associated with these claddings.

When you need a great rainscreen for your projects with absorptive claddings, look no further—TamlynWrap RainScreen 6.3 (and 10.1) is here to give you a non-compressible gap to allow multi-directional air circulation throughout your entire wall system. TAMLYN’s RainScreens allow you to save money and time by omitting felt/kraft paper when installing stucco claddings.

It’s innovative, easy-to-install, UV resistant, and multipurpose. Use it behind all absorptive claddings, get superior drainage and drying, and more sustainability.

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