Also: How do you choose the right connectors for a framing system? | Sports facility designers headed to New Orleans
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Head of the class: AIA names best school designs
Sports facility designers headed to New Orleans
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How do you choose the right connectors for a framing system?
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Celebrating concrete creativity excellence
Form + Function
Translucent façade brightens up Wyoming school
Set within a 15-ha (38-acre) educational campus in Casper, Wyoming, Roosevelt High School and the new Pathways Innovation Center (PIC) share 11,705 m2 (126,000 sf) of learning space. The facilities emphasize daylighting, openness, transparency, and collaboration. Exemplifying these objectives with a translucent façade is a 278-m2 (3000-sf) interlocking polycarbonate dual wall system, which also provides high thermal performance. Additionally, customized vertical sunscreens were employed for aesthetic accents and light diffusion.
Beyond the need for new and updated buildings, the Natrona County School District’s overall goal was to provide an environment allowing for the advanced technology necessary to prepare children for success in a world one cannot yet imagine. Designed by Cuningham Group and MOA Architecture, the buildings emphasize energy efficiency, thermal performance, daylighting, and views.
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Hotel gyms and flooring: Supporting functional fitness underfoot
To appeal to the modern consumer and stand out from competition, many in the hospitality industry are offering a customizable approach to staying fit while away from home, including full-scale gym and wellness centers to support functional fitness activities such as jumping, sprinting, throwing, and crawling. To ensure these facilities meet the high expectations of fitness enthusiasts, contract architects and specifiers are opting for flooring that positively influences safety, ergonomics, and acoustics to provide users with force reduction and energy restitution throughout each workout.
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November 8-10
Informa Exhibitions/USGBC
Boston, Massachusetts
November 15
Offsite Construction Expo
Hardiman Williams
Dallas, Texas
November 29-December 1
The Buildings Show
Informa Exhibitions
Toronto, Ontario
January 9-11
International Builders Show
National Association of Home Builders
Orlando, Florida
January 22-26
World of Concrete
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Las Vegas, Nevada
January 29-February 1
Sprayfoam Convention & Expo
Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance
Mobile, Alabama
January 29-February 1
The International Surface Event (TISE)
Informa Exhibitions
Las Vegas, Nevada
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Sound-deadening with sprayfoam: Discovering SPF’s unexpected added value
Insulating walls with low-pressure sprayed polyurethane foam (SPF) is common practice for various reasons—such as increased energy efficiency, structural support, and overall comfort. One of the ways SPF can increase the comfort of a structure is through the material’s acoustical properties, which can be employed to bring additional value to a project. Sound-deadening sprayed polyurethane foam in a building can serve several purposes, from mitigating outside noise to enhancing a quiet office space. Multimedia environments, or any specialty rooms where excessive noise can become an issue, can also benefit from SPF as a cost-effective sound-reduction measure.
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Living light and large: Thin tiles get extreme
The newest innovation in tile is thin units that marry reduced thickness with large size. Whereas traditional thickness tiles are 9 mm (3⁄8 in.) or thicker, these new-generation thin tiles are 3 to 6 mm (1⁄8 to 1⁄4 in.) thick, and can come in dimensions up to 1 x 3 m (3 x 10 ft). This is not a typo—one thin tile panel can cover 3 m2 (30 sf) or more. While thin tile provides an exciting array of design possibilities, it also poses potential challenges for installers and general contractors.
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