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October 9, 2018


Amazon invests in prefabrication company

Amazon invests in prefabrication company

The funding will go toward investments in new senior hires, building the marketing and sales team, and developing Plant Prefab’s patented building system.

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Government data reveals construction spending extends year-to-date gains

Government data reveals construction spending extends year-to-date gains

AGCA officials said these spending figures showed strong demand in construction across the country but that growth still depends on contractors’ ability to find sufficient qualified workers.

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Glass-enclosed conference center brightens new campus

Glass-enclosed conference center brightens new campus

Triangular in shape, Columbia University’s new academic conference center is a highly visible component of campus, comprised of three levels above and one level below grade.

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Big Box
Biotech firm’s new building is net-zero

Biotech firm’s new building is net-zero

Designed by EwingCole, the 19,510-m2 (210,000-sf), elliptical shaped Unisphere houses clinical operations for pulmonary disease, heart failure, and organ transplantation as well as a virtual drug development lab.

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Hot-dip galvanizing for buildings and architecture

Hot-dip galvanizing for buildings and architecture

While steel offers an effective and efficient framing system for the building envelope, the hot-dip galvanizing of both interior and exterior elements is one method to provide a durable and maintenance-free corrosion protection system for generations.

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Complex metal cladding encloses Olympic museum

The museum’s unique exterior skin aptly echoes the intricate precision of purpose and combination of expertise required to succeed at the Olympic level. The façade will be covered in more than 9000 individual diamond-shaped anodized aluminum petals. These interlock to form a single, beveled surface with integrated drainage channels. Located in Colorado, the museum will open to the public next year.

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Project News

Modular wall system improves Pennsylvania’s underground walkway

Modular wall system improves Pennsylvania’s underground walkway

As the public moves through the paths and corridors, they are expected to face an episodic experience thanks to active and passive walls made to help connect them to the streets above and direct them to their location. The active wall includes a custom-engineered and fabricated glass block system that, with the static white and color changing lights, simulate movement and transparency.

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October 12-15
ASCE 2018

October 14-18
The Concrete Convention and Exposition

October 17-19
Hardscape North America

October 19-22
ASLA 2018 Annual Meeting and Expo

October 24
WebReach webinar: Design and Testing of Perimeter Edge Metal for Low-Slope Commercial Roofs

November 14-16
Greenbuild International Conference and Expo

November 28-29
ABX | ArchitectureBoston Expo

November 28-30
The Buildings Show

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World of Concrete

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I am looking for some information on definitions of defective concrete surfaces - when to repair. Obvious defective areas are honeycombing. But smaller defective areas may also need work. The question for me is what definitions to include in the spec that constitute a requirement for a repair?

Is a hole 1/2" in diameter or more than 1/8" deep need to be repaired like a client of mine wishes?

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Let's talk about how we edit our specs, especially (but not only) MasterSpec content. Unlike SpecLink content, which is only available with SpecLink software, MasterSpec can be edited with e-SPECS, ARCOM's MasterWorks macros and tools in Word, and ARCOM's own database-management software, which they're now calling SpecBuilder Desktop. In e-SPECS, one can subscribe to additional masters such as the VA master specs and SpecText. Both ecosystems (if you will) allow you to import text and manage it, and of course there's always editing with a word processor or using one's own macros.

What content do you use?

What software do you use to edit it?

If more than one software, what drives your choice of which to use when?

What do you like, dislike, wish… about your software methods?

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