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Waterfront park opens on site of former sugar factory

A new waterfront recreational public space has opened in New York on a 4.5-ha site that once housed the Domino Sugar Factory. Owned by Brooklyn-based Two Trees Management, Domino Park includes many reclaimed materials from the former factory, including reused wood from flooring and cylindrical tanks.
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Blockchain and its implementation in construction: A CSI exclusive

By now, most people have heard of Bitcoin, the most notable current blockchain-based implementation; however, many do not realize that far beyond the realms of cryptocurrency, blockchain has the capacity to revolutionize the way the world does business.

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Cooling down a California brewery with HVLS fan

A recent installation of a massive ceiling fan at Ritual Brewing in Redlands, California, has greatly improved the overall mood at the establishment. Located in an industrial building with an interior roof height of 7.3 to 8.5 m (24 to 28 ft), the 2202-m2 (23,700-sf) space was difficult to...
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Metal import tariffs cause upset, confusion in U.S. and Canada

In response to President Donald Trump’s announcement last month that the United States would be imposing tariffs on metal imports from Canada, the European Union, and Mexico, the Canadian government introduced dollar-for-dollar retaliation duties. Beginning July 1, a number of U.S. steel products faced fees of 25 percent, while...+ Read More
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