Considerations for standard, modified, and custom aluminum doors

Selecting entrance systems for use in commercial and institutional buildings involves balancing multiple factors, including location, function, and appearance, along with the occupants’ frequency of use, the facility manager’s maintenance program, and the project’s budget and schedule.
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Keeping unitized curtain walls dry

Unitized curtain wall systems offer many benefits when used for the building enclosure. They can increase quality control of the overall system, as the units are largely shop-fabricated under controlled conditions rather than field-assembled....

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Looking to precast when big data needs a home

The world has become increasingly connected. Cutting-edge smart devices grant people access to a limitless stream of information faster and more efficiently every day. To support the data fueling this technology, there is an ever-growing demand for external storage.
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Using ICFs and IFAs to enhance energy efficiency

The Academy at Nola Dunn is a K–5 elementary school in Texas’ Burleson Independent School District (ISD). Completed in 2010, the 9940-m2 (107,000-sf) building has an external envelope consisting of insulated concrete form (ICF) walls and integrated framing assembly (IFA) door and window frames.
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One thing leads to another…

During a visit to review curtain wall assemblies on a project under construction, we noticed something unrelated—brick ties supporting a cantilevered through-wall flashing drip plate at a window opening in the exterior masonry. This unusual condition invited further examination of the cavity wall construction.

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Reflecting on the suitability of cool pavements

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) are putting some heat on the concept of ‘cool’ pavements, exploring whether the energy savings they offer throughout their life cycles outbalance their emissions.+ Read More
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