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Using ICFs and IFAs to enhance energy efficiency

The Academy at Nola Dunn is a K–5 elementary school in Texas’ Burleson Independent School District (ISD). Completed in 2010, the 9940-m2 (107,000-sf) building has an external envelope consisting of insulated concrete form (ICF) walls and integrated framing assembly (IFA) door and window frames.
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Preventing corrosion in aluminum

Aluminum accounts for the greatest share of the U.S. commercial market for windows, doors, and skylights. Its manufacturing versatility, structural longevity, performance dependability, and near-infinite recyclability contribute to its popularity.

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Woven metal mesh gives an artistic look to a Long Beach courthouse

A new courthouse in Long Beach, California, is the country’s first social infrastructure project procured under performance-based infrastructure (PBI) contracting. The cost and risk of the Governor George Deukmejian courthouse were transferred from the public sector to a private-sector team.
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