Hygienic Ceilings: Standards and guidelines

Various regulations and guidelines for constructing and maintaining ceilings in facilities with hygienic requirements. A complement to one of the magazine's feature articles, this short web piece looks at requirements and best practices for schools, laboratories, food preparation, healthcare, and other specialized spaces.
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Avoiding mistakes with radon

As an odorless, colorless gas, radon is often overlooked and underestimated, but it has potentially fatal consequences when left unmanaged. It is a radioactive gas believed to be the leading cause of lung cancer...

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Ensuring a win in the lighting specification process

Design/construction professionals hope their project designs proceed without missteps or complications. Of course, that rarely happens. The lighting product specification and bidding process is complex, as it involves many interested parties, each with its own stake in which products are ultimately installed in the project.
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Revitalization through copper pipes

The country’s drinking-water infrastructure recently received a ‘D’ on the American Society of Civil Engineers’ (ASCE’s) Infrastructure Report Card—a nearly failing grade due to the millions of pipes in need of replacement.
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Documenting steel’s impacts with EPDs

Sustainability and environmental issues are becoming more prominent and widely acknowledged. As a result, leading industries are being more transparent about potential environmental impacts of their products to meet the public’s increasing demand for environmentally responsible materials.

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Fire-rated glass floor captures the light at Northwestern

Located in Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern University’s Engineering Life Sciences infill is a bright, multi-disciplinary space with collaborative gathering areas and cutting-edge classrooms, laboratories, and research rooms. The expansion rises five stories, bridging two of the campus’ existing building wings.
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