Keeping unitized curtain walls dry

Unitized curtain wall systems offer many benefits when used for the building enclosure. They can increase quality control of the overall system, as the units are largely shop-fabricated under controlled conditions rather than field-assembled....

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Revelations with reversible repairs

When designing repairs to existing buildings and structures, emphasis is typically on durability, with the goal of achieving the longest-possible service life. However, there are some cases in which it is desirable to design repairs that are reversible or removable.

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Insulated metal panels meld Mosaic Village

The creation of the Mosaic Village project in Charlotte, North Carolina, not only provided Johnson C. Smith University (JCSU) with a new dormitory to increase its student housing, but it also helped to revitalize the city’s historic West End.
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Ovid’s metamorphosis

An abandoned sugar factory can be dangerous—structurally unsound and riddled with asbestos. Amalgamated Sugar made the commitment to abate and demolish a site that included 11 smaller buildings and a mill. + Read More
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