Using cover boards with roofing assemblies

When designing a roofing assembly, many factors need to be considered. Performance attributes, product quality, aesthetics, price, and quantity must all be carefully examined. One key product often overlooked during this process is the cover board.
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Litigation Update: Arbitration issues

Standard-form contracts used in the construction industry specifically reference the possible use of arbitration, although the parties may have to check a box on a form to make this the final dispute resolution process....

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In or out?

While security windows and detention windows may seem to serve the same purpose, the major difference comes down to whether you intend to keep the threat in or to keep it out.
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Cool new home for Polk’s penguins

The Detroit Zoo is home to 83 penguins, so it’s only fitting its Polk Penguin Conservation Center resemble Antarctic’s icy landscape. Now open to the public, the facility—which holds more than 1,234,044 L (326,000 gal) of water—welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
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