Effective sound control of doors

When discussing how to secure the openings of a building, physical security commands the lion’s share of attention, with concerns about unauthorized access and fire typically Being at the forefront of any list of potential threats.
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Has time run out for glazed brick?

Glazed brick has had a love/hate relationship with the real estate, design, and construction community for well over a century. In 2011, the New York Times ran an article in the real estate section...

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Why concrete certification matters

The concrete industry has a global impact that continues to evolve. As technology advances and construction practices grow and change, it is imperative those working in the field meet a certain standard of work.

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Myrtle Beach school embraces clean, crisp, contemporary look

When St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic High School opened in early 2017, it was the first Catholic high school in the area of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Funded by nearly $4 million in parishioner grants and donations, the school was conceived by the Diocese of Charleston to provide students...
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Using agriculture to grow communities

International landscape architecture and urban design firm SWA Group has released a list of 10 ways integrating agriculture into landscape design can help communities thrive and increase project values.+ Read More
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