The Sanders Clan’s commitment to CSI

Many of CSI’s ardent members feel they are truly committed to the ideals, goals, and philosophies of CSI; that, in some ways the Institute is like ‘our family.’ However, the Sanders Family goes above and beyond, and takes this literally.
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If it’s too hot…

When specifying and installing air and moisture/vapor barriers, consideration is often given to cold-weather limitations of those materials to better ensure proper application and long-term performance.

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Engineered Wood: Making a heavy impact in the light commercial market

The landscape of light commercial architecture is changing. Following its economic recovery, this particular market is back on pace to exceed $4 trillion in construction activity in the coming years—more than 37 percent higher than the multi-family segment.

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Preservation symposium coming to Salt Lake City

The Association for Preservation Technology (APT) will host its symposium, “Mesa to Mountain: Preservation in the American West,” in Salt Lake City, Utah, March 23 to 25. The symposium offers attendees insight into the history, sites, materials, conditions, and challenges of preservation in the American West, featuring both traditional...+ Read More
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