The Sanders Clan’s commitment to CSI

Many of CSI’s ardent members feel they are truly committed to the ideals, goals, and philosophies of CSI; that, in some ways the Institute is like ‘our family.’ However, the Sanders Family goes above and beyond, and takes this literally.
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Litigation Update: Arbitration issues

Standard-form contracts used in the construction industry specifically reference the possible use of arbitration, although the parties may have to check a box on a form to make this the final dispute resolution process....

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Acoustical windows make hotels more hospitable

Hotel owners are prisoners of a paradox—they must build near major thoroughfares, highways, and rail services so they are accessible and convenient, but this ideal location is also often the source of the noise problem.
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Hidden risks with employee file-sharing practices

In today’s workplace, collaboration is no longer an option, but rather a requirement—particularly for the construction industry, where project information needs to be shared among internal colleagues and team members, contractors, and subcontractors.

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