Specifying hacking-resistant access control

Hacking has become a far bigger threat than most think. Indeed, the greatest risk to national security comes from not from aircraft carriers or infantry divisions, but a computer with a simple Internet connection located anywhere in the world.
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Using ICFs and IFAs to enhance energy efficiency

The Academy at Nola Dunn is a K–5 elementary school in Texas’ Burleson Independent School District (ISD). Completed in 2010, the 9940-m2 (107,000-sf) building has an external envelope consisting of insulated concrete form (ICF) walls and integrated framing assembly (IFA) door and window frames.
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Considering IRA with brick masonry

Apart from aesthetics, when brick is selected for new construction, test data provided by the manufacturer is often reviewed for strength, saturation coefficients, and perhaps efflorescence. Unfortunately, another important characteristic—the initial rate of absorption (IRA)—sometimes receives little attention.

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