Tip of the iceberg

Evidence of water leakage was reported in a recently constructed three-story building located in a moderate climate, including staining observed at a few locations on interior finishes.

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Effective sound control of doors

When discussing how to secure the openings of a building, physical security commands the lion’s share of attention, with concerns about unauthorized access and fire typically Being at the forefront of any list of potential threats.
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Specifying hacking-resistant access control

Hacking has become a far bigger threat than most think. Indeed, the greatest risk to national security comes from not from aircraft carriers or infantry divisions, but a computer with a simple Internet connection located anywhere in the world.
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The rise of the blue roof

Blue-roof implementation is on the rise in the United States and, indeed, around the world. First conceived in 2008, these ROOF assemblies have proved to be an emerging technology that changes the game in densely populated, urban areas like San Francisco, Philadelphia, and New York.+ Read More

Litigation Update: Arbitration issues

Standard-form contracts used in the construction industry specifically reference the possible use of arbitration, although the parties may have to check a box on a form to make this the final dispute resolution process.

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