Recreation centers and building codes: Then and now

Over the past two decades, the design of recreation and assembly buildings has undergone numerous changes, brought about by everything from aesthetic trends and technology advances to demographic shifts and new understanding about occupant comfort and user experience. Another major factor has been ever-evolving building codes.
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Under (negative) pressure

Deborah Slaton, David S. Patterson, AIA, and Jeffrey N. Sutterlin, PE

When detailing a typical punched window opening surrounded by cavity wall construction, head and sill flashing manage bulk water...

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New Arkansas Music Pavilion Opens on a Good Note

by Doug Radcliffe Walton Arts Center (WAC) purchased the Arkansas Music Pavilion (AMP) in February 2011 with the goal of expanding the venue to serve a broader and more diverse audience. The AMP operated at the Washington County Fairgrounds after moving from the Northwest Arkansas (NWA) Mall in 2012.
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Naturally ventilated airtight problems

Sean M. O’Brien, PE, LEED AP

Natural ventilation has typically been the means of providing fresh air for occupants. Operable windows and doors allow occupants to control the amount of air that enters and leaves a building, or individual spaces. Although the ventilation a space receives also...

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Anaheim station a hub of environmental design

Structurally reinforced insulated glass curtain wall assemblies are front and center in the design of California’s Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC). Owned and built by the city, this three-story, parabolic, long-span, grid-shell structure creates a welcoming space with open circulation and a light-filled atrium.
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Specifying Successful Systems for Detention Facilities

The construction of detention and correctional facilities can be complex. In addition to standard construction materials and practice, these buildings are designed with a multitude of special materials and systems, known collectively as ‘detention equipment.’ This article focuses on the use of detention equipment contractors (DEC) when building correctional...+ Read More
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