Ontario high school deemed world’s greenest school

The Global Coalition for Green Schools’ sustainability competition crowned Canada’s Dunbarton High School (Pickering, Ont.) the ‘Greenest School on Earth.’ The annual competition held by the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC’s) Center for Green Schools was started by the Global Coalition for Green Schools initiative.

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Merger and acquisition on the rise, says AEP survey

Zweig Group’s merger and acquisition survey found 42 percent of architecture, engineering, and planning (AEP) firms were considering buying another firm this year. The “2015 Merger and Acquisition Survey of AEP, and Environmental Consulting Firms” sought input from a number of firms in the industry and found merger and acquisition (M&A) activity is on the rise.

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ACI honors concrete contributions

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) recently recognized the work of more than 100 professionals, groups, and companies at the Concrete Convention and Exposition. The event took place in Kansas City, Missouri, and 22 other awards given out, including the Design Award, the Roger H. Corbetta Concrete Constructor Award, and the ACI Construction Award.

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Solving window wall problems by eliminating causes

Window walls eventually fail under repeated occurrences of causes like loads, movement, stress fatigue, and the degradation of material properties due to aging. How can one simply anticipate the ‘causes’ and then design to eliminate them in the first place? A rethinking of traditional glazing design is in order.

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Mansfield Center for Performing Arts commands an audience

Situated on a hill in a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb, Mansfield Independent School District’s Center for the Performing Arts features oversized entrances matched with large, curving spans of glass and aluminum storefront, as well as a curtain wall with sunshades, drawing attention from the students, staff, and community.

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