The acoustics of façades

An important function of the building envelope is noise mitigation. Mixed-use buildings offer the benefit of social activities adjacent to habitable units, but spaces such as restaurants and bars will often operate late into the night, and require the ability to generate higher noise levels.
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RapidLock roofing systems

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ RapidLock™ (RLTM) technology is revolutionizing wintertime installations by replacing adhesives with VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions. RapidLock systems’ adhesive-less, hook-and-loop attachment system provides an easy-to-install, labor-saving option for wintertime projects.
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The benefits of a self-adhered, modified bitumen roof system

by Abby Feinstein

Facing labor shortages and the need to maximize profit, commercial roofing contractors have had to find new ways to move efficiently from one project to the next. While industry-valued as durable protection, traditional bituminous low-slope roofing installation methods utilizing mopped asphalt or torch welding come with...

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