The importance of substrate surface water absorptivity

Often referred to as substrate “porosity,” substrate surface water absorptivity refers to the ability of a flooring substrate surface to absorb liquid relatively quickly. The coalescence of an impermeable floorcovering material and a non-porous concrete surface not only reduces moisture from coming in, but also from escaping.
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In pursuit of acoustical equity

To achieve ‘better acoustics’ and fulfill the objective of designing with the occupant in mind, one must turn their attention to the sound present in the space and look at it through the lens of both architectural acoustics and psychoacoustics.
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Door closer hinges: A new approach

by Betty Chen, CSI, and Michael Chusid, RA, FCSI

A closer hinge, an advanced type of spring hinge, incorporates the door control mechanisms into the barrel of a hinge. Innovative engineering has made closer hinges more compact and functional; the new generation of products provides unique combinations of features...

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NFPA 285 engineering judgments

by Eric W. Banks and Jeffrey H. Greenwald, P.E., CAE

Structure fires have dropped significantly over the past 40 years, and one major contributor to this decline in fires and fire deaths has been the development of comprehensive fire safety measures. These include performance testing requirements of model building...

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