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SOSS Door Hardware Demo-Cast: SOSS Invisible Hinges

The original invisible hinges have been supporting your doors and designs for 120 years! Whether you are looking to build a hidden door, just don’t want to see hinges on your doors, or security is your concern SOSS Invisible Hinges will provide solutions.
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Previously Recorded Demo-Casts

Henry Co Demo-Cast: Pre-Applied Waterproofing Solutions

Our low-risk pre-applied membranes are tailored to ensure peace of mind, ensuring your structure stands the test of time. Don’t let generic solutions dictate your project’s fate. Register today to learn about tailored waterproofing systems.
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Kryton Demo-Cast: Best practices in abrasion and erosion resistance for specifiers

This webinar is designed for architects, specifiers, and industry professionals who specify durable and sustainable flooring solutions that require high abrasion and erosion resistance like warehouses and heavy equipment facilities. Hear from concrete contractor Chris Woods who will explore the key considerations for specifiers for abrasion and erosion...
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NECA Demo-Cast: NEIS® Demystified—Decoding the Development Process and Standards

This Demo-Cast will provide a high-level overview, exploring the inspiration, history, and development process of NECA’s library of standards, the NEIS®; highlighting the latest additions to the NEIS® library, NECA 5-2023, Recommended Practices for Prefabrication of Electrical Installations for Construction and NECA 91-2023, Recommended Practice for Maintaining Electrical Equipment.
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DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film

DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film has been proven effective in protecting a variety of surfaces for over 60 years, including metal in highly corrosive and demanding exterior applications around the world. When laminated to metal coil, Tedlar® provides superior performance to other premium industrial coatings. Tedlar® is extremely resistant...
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Lapeyre Stair – Alternating Tread Stairs

Alternating tread stairs are designed to be used as a standard stair with users facing the direction of travel when climbing up and down. The code-compliant handrails on alternating tread stairs meet OSHA requirements for fall protection and improve ease of use. Alternating tread stairs have a built-in, cushioned,...
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Deltek – Three Ways to Uplevel Your Specifications

Why are accurate specifications so important? When construction documents lack detail, it affects the accuracy of the bid and, down the road, can impact the project schedule and budget. In this session, you’ll hear from an experienced specification writer tips on how to provide clear and concise instructions...
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SOSS Invisible Hinges Demo-Cast

SOSS Invisible Hinges are full mortise, fully concealed hinges that cannot be seen from either side of the door when closed. They have been in continuous production since 1903, making them the original invisible hinges. Joseph Soss created the first invisible hinge when he tripped on the hatch...
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National Electrical Installation Standards, Standards as High as Your Own

The National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS®) started with a simple question: “What exactly is Good Workmanship?”. Electrical Contractors and their employees, as well as general contractors, engineers and building owners, see “Good Workmanship” referenced throughout their plans and specs. But no one had ever taken on the challenge...
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