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Haws Touchless Hydration Solutions Demo-Cast

Haws offers various motion activated hydration options for sanitary activation in public places. The touchless electric sensor allows for hands-free operation with a simple front motion, eliminating the need for manual activation.


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Previously Recorded Demo-Casts

Deltek Specifications Solutions Demo-cast

The Deltek Specification Solutions Demo-Cast demonstrates how to make better, more concise decisions with the most trusted and comprehensive construction specification solutions in the AEC industry. Whether you are an expert or beginner spec writer, Deltek’s cloud-based tools can help you develop, edit and collaborate on specification projects.
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Marco Beverage Systems Demo-Cast

Watch the Marco Beverage Systems Demo-cast on Marco FRIIA Hands- Free, Marco FRIIA HCS, Marco T8 Waterboiler with Handsfree adapter. FRIIA HCS is a hot/cold/sparkling undercounter water delivery system with 3L immediate draw off hot-water. Designed with award-winning technology, the system contains an undercounter boiler and chiller and a...
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Kryton International Demo-Cast: Integral Concrete Waterproofing and Concrete Durability Admixtures

Reducing carbon footprint while meeting the demands of ever increasing service life requirements of concrete has become even more difficult in 2020. Shortened construction schedules, access to labor and increased safety protocols all make project execution more challenging. Kryton’s award-winning waterproofing and durability admixtures improves the sustainability of your...
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Reliance Foundry Demo-Cast: Crash-rated Bollards

Protect people and property against vehicle attack: crash-rated, or "K-rated" bollards are engineered to stop vehicles and secure perimeters. Reliance Foundry’s crash-rated bollards are tested to ASTM specifications, simple to install (no assembly or specialty subgrade required), and can be covered with a wide range of decorative covers to...
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Georgia-Pacific Demo-Cast: DensDefy Accessories

DensDefy™ Liquid Flashing and DensDefy™ Transition Membrane products complete the DensElement® Barrier System for your diverse building needs. DensDefy Accessories take DensElement’s proprietary moisture management even further, elevating the envelope finish and ensuring performance compatibility under a single trusted name.
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