Overcoming acoustic challenges with open-plan offices

Various acoustics strategies can help ensure privacy and noise control in conference rooms and open-plan offices. Photo courtesy Quadrangle Architects. Photo by Richard Johnson

The key to creating a high-performance open-office plan is to review the pros and cons of the design before committing to it. To explore related topics, ranging from mechanical system review and acoustic treatment requirements to base building evaluation and aesthetics, check out our suite of sound masking features available for free download.

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Selecting sound-masking for healthcare projects

Healthcare facilities benefit from quiet environments for healing, but this can be a challenge with various technology-related noise sources. Sound masking can help. Photo © iStockphoto.com/babyblueut

It is important for those involved in the planning and construction of healthcare projects to understand how they can help hospital administrators to achieve their acoustic goals with materials including sound-masking technologies. To gain a better understanding, check out this suite of sound masking related features available for free download as an e-book.

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The Construction Specifier at CONSTRUCT 2016

Austin, Texas, is the site for this year's CONSTRUCT & the CSI Annual Convention.

CONSTRUCT & the CSI Annual Convention takes place from September 7 to 9, with a variety of activities and events in and around the Austin Convention Center. Produced by Informa Exhibitions U.S., the gathering brings together design/construction professionals from across the continent for networking, knowledge, Institute business, and the famous exhibit hall.

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