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Acoustical windows make hotels more hospitable

Hotel owners are prisoners of a paradox—they must build near major thoroughfares, highways, and rail services so they are accessible and convenient, but this ideal location is also often the source of the noise problem. As noise awareness grows, some proprietors mistakenly believe the only solution is replacing every window—an expensive upgrade with no guarantee of success. Two brief case studies show why this is not the case.

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Sound panels enhance acoustic performance at Fenway Park

Fenway Park has undergone a number of innovative expansions over the years, and one such project was completed this May. Unused deck space was removed in order to support the construction of a rentable outdoor group function area. Half of this remodeled deck area is dedicated to a chiller and other mechanical equipment—all of which makes noise that can be distracting and irritating to visitors. To resolve this issue, sound panels were installed to serve as an absorption barrier.

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Integrated contract administration and acoustics

Buildings are a combination of design and construction. On paper, it may all seem to flow and make sense, but a small change in the former can have major impacts on the latter. Similarly, alterations that happen during the construction phase can end up causing significant design problems, affecting everything from acoustics to ambient noise.

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