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Building Quieter: Achieving the fine line between aesthetics and acoustics in wall and ceiling specifications

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Design/construction teams are constantly balancing the desire for a high-quality look and feel with adherence to acoustical requirements and project budgets. This is especially true when it comes to wall and ceiling choices. Whether selecting from basic wall and ceiling panels or custom woodwork, noise is a primary consideration—no matter how it looks, it has to perform.

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Creating a collaborative workspace without breaking the peace

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The rise of the cubicle in the 1960s and ’70s began from a desire for private workspaces. They became so popular that offices used to look like cubicle farms, until these row-upon-row ‘bullpens’ began to draw criticism for their appearance and their limitations on peer interaction and collaboration. Over time, the walls came down and cubicles were abandoned to make workplaces more open and friendly.

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Specifying acoustical ceilings in green buildings


Until now, acoustics in commercial office buildings had not been a formal part of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems except on a case-by-case basis. The new LEED v4 criteria, however, now takes into account the value of good acoustics in enhancing occupant satisfaction and productivity.

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ABCs of Acoustical Wall and Ceiling Solutions

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Whether they are selecting options for drywall, ceiling panels, or lighting fixtures, project teams are expected to be experts, know the ideal solution for every scenario, and to deliver it on time and on budget. Beyond this baseline is the need to create an environment that performs behind the scenes, keeping intrusive noises at bay and allowing the space to function as intended.

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A sound performance at The Boston Conservatory

A combination of sound diffusion and absorption treatments were used to isolate sound at The Boston Conservatory’s new performance and rehearsal building. Photos © Chuck Choi. Photos courtesy Acentech’s Studio A

Located in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, The Boston Conservatory’s new performance and rehearsal building is celebrating its first anniversary since opening its doors. The specifications required the installation of acoustical equipment in 17 individual practice spaces, two dance studios, multipurpose rooms, and teaching studios

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