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What Do You Mean By ‘Polyurethane?’

All photos courtesy Quest Construction Products

Polyurethanes have the broadest range of any product group, but they tend to combine toughness and flexibility with adhesive properties. This article examines the chemistry behind these coatings, seeking to give specifiers the information needed to select the right material for a project.

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Protecting Infrastructure from Major Floods

Initiatives to protect important data servers from major damage too often occur after the event has finished its destruction. By implementing long-term waterproofing solutions (including concrete walls around sensitive space) to key areas, infrastructure can withstand high water exposure caused by massive flooding. This article examines waterproofing and dampproofing admixtures, among other techniques.

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The Rising Artistry of Tilt-up

All photos courtesy Tilt-up Concrete Association

Although it has long been associated with utilitarian projects like factories and big-box stores, tilt-up concrete construction also has the capacity up to deliver multi-story, irregularly shaped, complex projects. Examining recent award-winning projects provides examples of how architects have been embracing tilt-up in increasing intensity.

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Designing with Activated Fly-ash Cement Concretes

Photos courtesy CeraTech USA

Replacing 100 percent of portland cement with fly ash to produce concrete has long been considered something remarkable in the comfort of highly controlled lab conditions, but impossible for practical large field applications. While this perception still remains for many, the reality has changed; activated fly ash cement can—and is—substituting portland cement concretes in many applications, including ready-mixed concrete, with added benefits such as low shrinkage, and resistance to corrosive acids and high temperature.

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