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Specifying the right privacy and shading

When specifying glazing solutions for vision, sound, light, and heat control, design actions often come down to a choice between integrated louvers and integrated blinds. Knowing the difference between the two—and which option may be more suitable for an application—
is critical.

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Many shades of green with Portland’s One North

Efficient mechanical systems and a highly insulated and airtight shell are two of the features incorporated into the design of One North in Portland, Oregon. A multi-use, commercial development, the project is the product of a multi-year collaborative process that looked to contribute to Stumptown’s reputation as a green city.

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Integrated wall retrofits: Solutions for existing masonry construction for commercial buildings

Sixty percent of U.S. commercial buildings were constructed before 1980. Retrofitting them for energy efficiency is essential to achieve the Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office’s (BTO) goal of halving building energy use by 2030. Most existing buildings have masonry construction with uninsulated wall assemblies, which offer good potential for wall improvement strategies.

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