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Designing to Prevent Infection

U.S. healthcare organizations increasingly face the most daunting medical challenge since the pre-antibiotic age thanks to an aging population and ever-increasing multi-drug resistant and environmentally adaptive pathogens. Architects and designers have an important role in providing successful patient care. They may design an environment that inadvertently accumulates, propagates, and circulates pathogens or one which is the best ally in continually mitigating the bioburden that spreads disease. What should be done?

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The New Era of Healthcare Acoustics: Specifying optimal ceiling performance for hospitals

Specifiers need to understand the new and urgent financial drivers for better acoustic performance in healthcare facilities. Drawing on evidence-based design and programs, this article looks at ceilings in healthcare projects. It examines aspects like acoustic metrics (both standard and evolving) and clears up misconceptions regarding potential for hospital-acquired infections.

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