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Missed Opportunities with Chillers

By Paul Valenta, LEED AP

IceBank Tanks

Capturing off-peak electricity savings can be accomplished by installing a hybrid cooling system that features a chiller and thermal energy storage (TES) assemblies that use water or ice to store energy.
Photo courtesy Calmac

The HVAC system is rarely thoroughly studied or analyzed until there is a problem. In the daily activities of running a business or managing a building, HVAC is out of sight, out of mind until things get too hot or cold. Then, productivity drops and costs increase as chillers limp along with Band-Aid fixes that result in expensive after-hour service calls. Replacing the chiller with a newer version (i.e. the ‘like-for-like’ method) is all too often the chosen solution, simply because it is the quickest option. However, this can represent a missed opportunity. Continue reading