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AWC revises flame spread performance standards

Carpenter Installing New Laminated Wooden Floor At Home

The American Wood Council (AWC) has revised Design for Code Acceptance (DCA) 1: Flame Spread Performance of Wood Products Used for Interior Finish. The revisions incorporate new testing in accordance with ASTM E84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

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Using modern wood for historic restoration

Accoya_Oakleigh_Church 1

When it comes to historic preservation projects, architects and installers can find themselves at a loss. Wood is the most traditional material, but also notoriously unstable. It has a tendency to warp and becomes vulnerable to rot, decay, and insects. Some replacement products are more durable, but far from historically accurate, such as aluminum-framed windows.

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Designing All-wood Podiums


Wood ‘podium’ construction takes an age-old material and moves it into the 21st century. Structures retain sought-after features—beauty, familiarity, and carbon sequestration—while soaring to greater heights and achieving sometimes dramatic cost savings.

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