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Choosing between restoring or replacing cracked, spalled, and displaced brick facades

Restoring brick facades plays an essential role in reusing existing building stock. Every project should answer this question: can the facade be saved or has the brick’s deterioration critically compromised the wall’s stability? Existing brick masonry is often treated as a maintenance item and not much thought is given to whole system performance. Brick and mortar defects can be treated as symptoms, but the overall stability of the assembly is often overlooked.

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Restoring and maintaining archaic concrete floor systems

As a part of the living history of construction, archaic floor systems exist in many buildings despite having been supplanted by modern construction methods. As a building manager or design professional, it is important to be aware these systems are in use today, and to recognize one in place before attempting repairs, alterations, or construction to avoid inadvertently damaging the integrity of a structure.

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