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Failures: What’s sticking out of my slab?

PT tendons are susceptible to corrosion from water and chloride (salt) ingress in similar ways as conventional reinforcing steel. However, unlike conventionally reinforced concrete, the effects of corrosion can result in the tendons losing tension and the concrete losing pre-compression.

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Building for the future with insulated metal panels

Designing with IMPs gives project owners, architects, and contractors a competitive edge in today’s design-build market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, continuous panels outperform conventional construction systems in their efficiency and longevity, while contributing to the construction of eco-friendly architecture.

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How insulated metal panels help achieve protection and aesthetics

The team responsible for bringing any building to life faces increased pressure to deliver on energy efficiency and design innovation. Construction professionals today must consider a wide array of variables when selecting the optimal building envelope product, such as climate in the region, how the building will be used, how it will consume energy based on all these conditions, and its appearance.

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