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The Psychology of Professionalism

Doug Schneider, CDT

Most people associate professional construction or engineering jobs with tangible objects such as wood, steel, concrete, and brick. However, there is also another important aspect of professional construction management or engineering that is sometimes overlooked, even by experienced building and design professionals. Continue reading

Building a Better Business: Managing Callbacks

Colin Jaffe

According to reports from the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC), the United States added 189,000 construction jobs between May 2012 and May 2013.1 In a continually competitive marketplace, reputation and word-of-mouth marketing are a must for maintaining a competitive edge and establishing a business that can endure fluctuating economic cycles. As many professionals have experienced over the last few years, job wins do not just happen on their own. To earn new projects—and benefit from the construction industry’s momentum—professionals have to mix marketing tactics with operational efficiency to drive revenue and eliminate unnecessary overhead. Continue reading

Predicting Façade Failures

Kimball J. Beasley, PE, F.ASCE


Building façades are often constructed with materials of variable strength that are constantly exposed to weather and attached with hundreds or thousands of concealed connections that cannot be easily inspected or maintained. These materials and connections, which may have been installed with minimal supervision due to difficult access, are often suspended over busy sidewalks with the expectation they will last forever—or at least for the building’s economic life. Continue reading