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Creative building design requires high-performance membrane solution

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Project profile: Denver Botanic Gardens Science Pyramid DELTA®-VENT SA & DELTA®-FASSADE S—Design with open joints. The Science Pyramid at Denver Botanic Gardens invites visitors to explore the relationship between people and plants, and to examine how biomimicry—the way the features of nature inspire ideas and actions in people—plays a role in our lives.

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New door hardware publication

Scott J. Tobias, AHC, a frequent contributor to The Construction Specifier,  has published the Illustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selectionthe industry’s comprehensive reference guide for all things door-hardware-related. This publication covers everything from standards, and aesthetics, to fire and safety codes, security, and hardware. Each chapter contains many helpful images or diagrams to help illustrate instillation and hardware. This book can be purchased in hard copy online.

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New Safety and Security Engineering published

The Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT) has released the sixth edition of the Safety and Security Engineering, which contains papers from the sixth biennial international conference under the same name. It features 432 pages of safety topics, including: risk analysis, assessment, and management;

critical infrastructure protection; emergency response; security surveillance systems; safety and security; human factors; modelling and experiments; and systems safety.

These papers include works from renowned engineers, scientists, field researchers, managers, and other …

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CAD in the Cloud: How will it change the construction industry?

Digital devices onsite are changing both the capabilities and needs of computer-aided design (CAD). Running high-tech programs from the Cloud can make things easier. Photo © BigStockPhoto

Enabling any computer-assisting design (CAD) software to be delivered from the Cloud to a browser on any device anywhere brings down a huge barrier to making digital design tools accessible to everyone involved in a construction project. Perhaps even more importantly, this model opens up a whole new way for team members to collaborate very closely with one another

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