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Want to Reduce Cuts & Lacerations Handling Steel Framing Products?

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Would you like to improve workflow and reduce injuries by using safer products? Would you be more willing to use steel-framing products that actually reduce cuts and lacerations? How about reducing workers’ comp mods and insurance rates? We thought so. That’s why CEMCO® is the only manufacturer in the United States that offers Safety Edge™ technology on steel framing products and drywall accessories.

Safety Edge is a patent-pending …

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Bearing Pad Durability in Precast Concrete Garages

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Bearing pads are used widely in precast concrete parking garages. They function as buffers between the separate concrete members to prevent damage and facilitate movement (much like cartilage between bones at joints). Bearing pads should last for the design life of the structure, but need to be replaced when they are not sufficiently durable. The ‘surgery’ to replace the pads properly is a complex operation, with few published guidelines.

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Specifying More Resilient Buildings

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Resisting natural disasters and reducing environmental impacts are major challenges in the United States. During an average year, there are 10 tropical storms (six of which become hurricanes) and more than 1200 tornadoes touching down. In South Florida, Hurricane Andrew left a wake of destruction in 1992 that totaled more than $25 billion in property damage and resulted in 44 fatalities.

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Holcim Awards: Looking at the vanguard of U.S. projects

For this BIG Manhattan flood-protection project, berms are strategically located to protect infrastructure and create a protective upland landscape. The concept is one of three U.S.-located projects up for a global award. Images courtesy Holcim Canada

Earlier this month, the Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction announced its global jury for the international design competition, making now a fitting time to revisit the top trio of North American projects up for the prize. Run by an independent initiative created by the Swiss cement giant Holcim, the awards celebrate “innovative, future-oriented, and tangible construction projects” that have not yet been built (although many use the awards to spur actual construction.)

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Inaugural Buildings Show a success in Canada


The 26th annual Construct Canada took place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre earlier this month, serving as a major component of The Buildings Show—billed by its organizers as the continent’s largest exposition, networking, and educational event. The multi-pronged gathering also included the PM [Property Management] Expo, HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo, Concrete Canada, Construct International, and IIDEXCanada (for interior design).

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