Cleaning and maintaining stainless steel

With appropriate specification, stainless steel can last the life of a building. However, as with any other material, unsightly surface deposits can accumulate after many years of service. Accidents, vandalism, use of inappropriate cleaning procedures, and installation issues can make surfaces unsightly, cause damage, or even lead to rapid...
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Reaching ambitious energy requirements in commercial building

Brandon Tinianov, PhD, PE, LEED AP

In the United States, buildings account for nearly 40 percent of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions—more than the transportation or industrial sectors—and commercial and residential buildings comprise more than 70 percent of electricity use.

Increasingly, sustainability regulations and energy codes are shaping the development of...

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Acoustical windows make hotels more hospitable

Hotel owners are prisoners of a paradox—they must build near major thoroughfares, highways, and rail services so they are accessible and convenient, but this ideal location is also often the source of the noise problem. As noise awareness grows, some proprietors mistakenly believe the only solution is replacing every...
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Daylighting with dynamic glass

As long as humans have built shelters, windows have been an important design element to bring in daylight. In the second half of the 20th century—facilitated by advances in structural engineering and the advent of electric lighting—buildings became larger, deeper, and increasingly isolated occupants from the outside world, especially...
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Specifying the right privacy and shading

When specifying glazing solutions for vision, sound, light, and heat control, design actions often come down to a choice between integrated louvers and integrated blinds. Knowing the difference between the two—and which option may be more suitable for an application—
is critical.
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Thermal efficiency in glazed curtain wall systems

With glazed façades dominating urban landscapes, the strides made to improve the energy efficiency of glass are well-documented and generally well-understood. However, much more quietly, the framing members of wall and window systems have also been re-engineered. The performance improvements in these less-discussed components are poised to add up...
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Designing with tornado-resistant glazing

Designing for unpredictable situations is one of the biggest and most important challenges for architects, engineers, and the building community. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes are seemingly random, but can be devastatingly fierce when they arrive. In the face of such unpredictability, there are some things the industry can count...
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