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Integrated wall retrofits: Solutions for existing masonry construction for commercial buildings

Sixty percent of U.S. commercial buildings were constructed before 1980. Retrofitting them for energy efficiency is essential to achieve the Department of Energy (DOE) Building Technologies Office’s (BTO) goal of halving building energy use by 2030. Most existing buildings have masonry construction with uninsulated wall assemblies, which offer good potential for wall improvement strategies.

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Retrofitting Sound Masking: The ABC Rule

Given most employees spend the majority of their time on individual tasks, phone calls, and conversations in their workspace, the workplace should provide them with speech privacy, comfort, and freedom from distracting noises. When planned during the design phase, creating such an environment is as simple as ‘ABC’—absorb, block, and cover.

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Retrofitting Sound Masking: Improving speech privacy and noise control in occupied spaces

In newer commercial buildings, employees may express dissatisfaction with being able to hear people talking, as well as concern over their own level of speech privacy. Additionally, they may be frequently disrupted by noises such as ringing telephones, mechanical equipment, exterior traffic, and footfall. If the organization had considered acoustics from the start, they would have had the opportunity to apply various strategies. However, at this stage, they typically need to adopt solutions offering the greatest opportunity for improvement while creating the least upheaval in an already-occupied environment. One such solution is a sound masking system.

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