Open the door to specialty doors with downloadable e-book

The magazine’s series of sponsored e-books continues with a look at the design and specification of specialty doors. “Step into the World of Specialty Doors” is a four-part e-book exploring doors and hardware for a variety of applications, including healthcare.

From case studies to discussions of codes and standards, this curated collection of technical articles from The Construction Specifier looks at specialty doors from all angles.

Read about how construction performance standards apply to interior doors, including architectural wood doors. In addition, the e-book explains how door and hardware selection can reduce noise levels, increase security, and improve patient safety in healthcare facilities.

For demanding applications, it covers how steel doors can meet the requirements of storm shelter standards and hurricane-zone building codes, as well as provide blast protection.

This e-book also highlights how integrated doors make the specification, purchasing, and installation process more efficient.

Download the “Step into the World of Specialty Doors” e-book in two different formats—pdf or digital edition—by visiting

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