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Failures: Under pressure

Power washing a facade with water is often considered a simple, low-cost way to remove minor soiling. Although this is an effective cleaning method on many substrates, using a water pressure that is not properly controlled and limited to levels appropriate for the materials present can cause damage to a facade.

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Keeping it dry … during construction

A primary design goal for any building enclosure should be to minimize the infiltration of bulk water into the intended dry zone of the various enclosure assemblies for the duration of their anticipated service life. Significant and/or recurring water infiltration can adversely affect moisture-sensitive materials and the overall performance of the enclosure. However, an often-overlooked aspect of achieving this goal is the control and management of bulk water during the project’s construction phase.

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Repairing wood roof trusses

Since many of these historic structures were designed using empirical methods and not engineering mechanics, many times there are both deficiencies in the truss configuration and the masonry buttresses to resist the outward movement.

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