Top 10 tips for working from home

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Here are our top 10 tips for WFH success.

  1. Begin and end your day at a specific time, much like you would a regular office schedule.
  2. Find a dedicated workspace (that space is not your couch and TVs are not part of your office).
  3. Using video lets you see your colleagues in real-time, while creating more of a community environment.
  4. Avoid multi-tasking during meetings. Not only is it rude, it does not facilitate effective meetings.
  5. Set rules of the road for communication with your teams.
  6. Reach out to co-workers via phone or video when feeling you need to interact, not just email/chat.
  7. Communicate what you expect your availability will be with supervisors and your team members.
  8. When time permits, be sure and check in with your colleagues regarding their health and their family’s health.
  9. Use project management and team communication software to interact with your colleagues and employees in real time
  10. Enjoy it! Working remotely can be a wonderful experience and right now, it can also be critical to your health.
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