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The thick and thin of fluid-applied air barriers


The fluid-applied air barrier (FAAB) concept was originally a Canadian-developed technology from more than 40 years ago. Back in the early 1970s, the genesis was an adhesive combining air- and vapor-retarding characteristics—eventually, this material would find its way into building codes.

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New ASTM standard to help ensure bonding quality of wires in concrete

The concrete industry will benefit from a new ASTM standard that will help ensure bonding quality of wires in concrete. 
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A new standard will help those using wires in prestressed reinforced concrete ensure bonding quality. The soon-to-be published ASTM A1096, Test Method for Evaluating the Bond Quality of Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement was inspired by the assessment of concrete railroad ties that used indented prestressing wires, which had possible bond-related cracking problems.

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Proposed ASTM test method to measure smoothness of concrete


The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Subcommittee E06.21 has suggested a new test method to help minimize the confusion in quantifying texture value at the concrete surface. WK49335, Test Method for Concrete Micro Surface Texture will be used to measure concrete surfaces with a contact stylus instrument—a profilometer.

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