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Natural endurance, limitless innovation


TruGrain made with Resysta® products combine natural materials in a proprietary blend to achieve the look and feel of natural wood without impacting a single tree. It is available in façade, siding, decking, and porch board profiles. TruGrain products contain rice husks—an agricultural waste by-product. When combined with mineral oil, salt, and other additives, the result is almost indistinguishable from tropical wood. TruGrain products provide the same workability, design flexibility, and beautiful finish as wood and most importantly, TruGrain products are water-resistant and will not swell, shrink, or crack, resulting in great durability and a long lifespan.

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Structural Safety of Wood Decks and Deck Guards

Photo © BigStockPhoto/LeeBarnwell

Most deck-related accidents are caused by failure of the deck-ledger connection or the guardrail—this can lead to serious injuries or death. Decks are often designed as a collection of individual parts, rather than as a ‘system’ of interrelated components that must function correctly. Further, because decks are exterior structures, permanently exposed to weather, long-term decay and fastener or connector corrosion can contribute to these failures.

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