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LCT ONE: A Case Study of an Eight-story Wood Office Building

LCT ONE is an eight-story, timber-based sustainable building developed in Austria in 2012. The goal of the project was to develop a flexible, high-performance, prefabricated construction system as a new product, which meets all technical and economical requirements of modern real estate markets. The project is based predominantly on a renewable resource—wood, with additional emphasis placed on resource and energy efficiency. The project is meant to demonstrate to the building industry that there are new timber technologies and industrial processes where a modern, system approach to construction can be applied.

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LCAs, EPDs, and increased product transparency

When selecting products for a new project, architects, engineers, specifiers, and building owners consider many criteria, from aesthetics to strength to cost. Green buildings require an additional level of scrutiny to determine products’ environmental impacts in several categories, including operational and embodied energy, carbon footprint, and emissions.

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