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Raising the roof on a new medical center

The new Western Health Center (Midfield, Alabama) is a two-story facility that features proprietary mechanically seamed 50-mm (2-in.) metal roofing panels. Photo courtesy Petersen Aluminum

A barrel-vault roof with mechanically seamed metal panels serves as the focal point of the new Western Health Center in Midfield, Alabama. The two-story building consolidates three older health clinics into a new facility more centrally located to serve the patient community.

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Updating values for polyiso

The January issue of The Construction Specifier included the article, “Impact of Advancements in Model Energy Codes,” by Jared O. Blum. We received the following letter to the editor from Tim Merchant of the EPS Industry Alliance, an organization representing those in the expanded polystyrene community.

The EPS Industry Alliance has always supported informative articles that advance the knowledge, proper use, and application of foam insulation. That said, the article makes some inaccurate claims …

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