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Construction of new Sacramento Kings facility underway

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Construction of the new Entertainment and Sports Center (ESC) in downtown Sacramento, California has begun with completion expected next year. Designed by AECOM, the ESC will not only act as a civic indoor and outdoor space for the region, but it will also be the new practice facility for the National Basketball Association’s (NBA’s) Sacramento Kings.

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Specifying Structural Framing Systems


Many factors come into play when designers specify structural framing. There are so many criteria, sometimes there is no absolute answer as to which framing system would perform best. At the same time, the interests of various parties must be served, meaning the final selection does not always rest with the structural engineer.

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Walking the Walk

A clear-span steel structural system was chosen to accommodate heavy equipment at the Washington Electric Cooperative project in Marietta, Ohio. A standing-steam metal roof system was specified to provide relief from the leaks of the former facilities.
 Photos © D.A. Fleischer Photography

Energy distributor makes efficiency top priority

By Kevin Hutchings

Maximizing energy efficiency is a key concern on virtually every new commercial construction project. When the construction happens to be for the electric provider itself, it is easy to understand how the priority takes on even greater importance. This was the case for Washington Electric Cooperative, an energy distributor located in Marietta, Ohio.

The company had been operating for years out of three separate …

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A Paradigm Shift in Specifying Temporary Structures

All images courtesy Mahaffey Fabric Structures

This article for construction specifiers assesses why and when to consider temporary buildings as an alternative to permanent construction, renovation, or leased existing space. Decision-making criteria, including category options, financial and site considerations, as well as technical information on energy-efficiency, usable space, roof loads, and wind ratings are examined.

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Putting a Fresh Face on Historical Façades: Project teams

The absence or failure of adequate waterproofing systems is a major cause of deterioration from moisture intrusion on historical architectural façades dating back more than a century. Efforts by communities across the nation to preserve and restore these historical landmarks to like-new condition requires special expertise and thousands of hours to resolve deficiencies in waterproofing and to prevent future damage to the façade. Frequently, historic cast iron façades require the recasting and replacement of thousands of original ornamental components that are severely corroded beyond repair. Those original pieces that are salvageable must be stripped of old paint, repaired and recoated with high-performance primers and finishes that comply with demanding specifications for aesthetics, durability and resistance to corrosion and ultraviolet (UV) light. The scope and complexity of these projects require a high level of craftsmanship, technical expertise, and appreciation of the historical significance and challenges that are unique to these restorations.

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