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Are all zinc coatings created equal?


Zinc is naturally found in elements such as air, water, and soil as well as in plants, animals, and humans. It is the 27th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and is infinitely recyclable without the loss of its properties, making it a true renewable resource.

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Red steel tubes rev up observation tower

Located in Austin, Texas, the Circuit of the Americas Observation Tower and Austin360 Amphitheater features structural steel evoking the glow of tail lights. Photo courtesy AISC. Photo by Paul Finkel

Visitors to the Circuit of the Americas Observation Tower and Austin360 Amphitheater are fully immersed in the experience of Formula 1 racing, thanks to red steel tubes evoking the glowing tail lights of a car left behind in the dark. Located in Austin, Texas, the tower consists of a continuously welded double-helix stair wrapped in a filigree-like diagrid, enhancing the perception it is taller than its actual height of 76 m (250 ft).

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Specifying and achieving a level composite steel floor

floor_Overall photo 3

Composite steel assemblies are an efficient and popular structural option for floor construction. Figure 1 shows a typical assembly, consisting of a steel beam, metal deck, concrete slab, and shear connectors. The composite action between the steel beam and concrete provided by shear connectors creates the composite properties that make the system a very stiff and strong structural element.

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Performing above and beyond with coatings for steel


Specifying high-performance coatings for structural steel framing, decking, or curtain walls can be a tall order when the application surface is located hundreds of feet above ground level. The specified coatings must protect the structural integrity of these hard-to-reach steel exposures against corrosion, while increasing longevity, enhancing aesthetic appeal, reducing maintenance, and conforming to environmental regulations.

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