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Continuing the Debate on Solar-driven Moisture

Our January 2013 article, “Ensuring Moisture Protection for Manufactured Stone,” written by Jeff Diqui, Arch. Eng., CSI, resulted in a letter to the editor from another frequent contributor to The Construction Specifier.

In the spring, Maria Spinu, PhD, LEED AP, e-mailed her comments:

I want to compliment Mr. Diqui on a generally well-written and informative article, but I wish to address the statements made … Continue reading Continuing the Debate on Solar-driven Moisture

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Design without compromise: Balancing durable and energy-efficient buildings

Two critical aspects of sustainable construction are long-term durability and energy efficiency. The latter is a measure of whole building performance, which depends on the envelope as well as the building systems and occupant behavior. This article addresses the enclosure’s contribution to energy efficiency—namely its impact on heating and cooling loads and how to balance this with a need for durability.

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