Forced-entry criteria updated by AAMA

The specification was first created in 2002, and this is its first update.
Photo courtesy Pixabay

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released an updated document to describe a standard test method and performance criteria for side-hinged door systems in the locked position to resist entry under a specified load and conditions.

AAMA 1304-18, Voluntary Specification for Determining Forced Entry Resistance of Side-Hinged Door Systems, seeks to measure the ability of the operable slabs to deter entry by unskilled intruders.

“This latest update maintains the proven method, while further clarifying qualification criteria applicable to varying swing and glazing types, and specific procedural details regarding loading sequencing and positions for both single and multipoint locking assemblies,” said Mark Fortun, vice chair of the AAMA side-hinged door auxiliary test methods task group.

Changes made in the update include the addition of sections spelling out qualification related to door swing and glazing types, a defined radius of a loading area, and added criteria pertaining to broken glazing. Section 2.2 was updated to clarify this standard does not evaluate the resistance of glazing materials to deliberate impact or loading.

AAMA documents may be purchased from the association’s online store.

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