SPEC MIX® Colored Masonry Mortar

The beauty of masonry is that it can be designed and built as a customized system offering endless options to compliment any architectural vision. The unique SPEC MIX custom colored mortar selection process supports this vision with the ability to produce nearly any color imaginable to achieve the complete masonry appearance desired. At SPEC MIX, coloring masonry mortar accurately and consistently is achieved by using computer batching systems that dry and preblend all mortar constituents and pigments in a controlled environment. For over 25 years the SPEC MIX organization has utilized this technological process for producing our standard and custom-colored mortars. SPEC MIX colored mortars uniformity starts with high quality stable pigments that are pre-weighed to ensure the colorant loading meets each specific formulation. Our quality assurance process includes carefully weighing each mortar ingredient in the batch before all the raw materials are preblended for a specified time to achieve a uniform mixture. With SPEC MIX Colored Mortar, the color you specify is exactly what’s delivered to, and installed, in the project!

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