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Specifying metal rainscreen assemblies

Metal can be formed into several shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to meet almost any aesthetic. If specified correctly, the assembly will last for the life of the building with very few issues. Three broad categories—composites, insulated metal panels (IMPs), and single-skin—of metal rainscreens are widely used.

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Rainscreen walls: An updated definition for today’s construction environment

The term rainscreen refers to a building system fulfilling one of the main functions of an exterior wall—to screen out rain and keep a wall dry. While at one time that system would have encompassed moisture control alone, the complexity of exterior wall assemblies now requires a more integrated approach. Multicladding aesthetics with the benefit of continuous control layers are achievable with new rainscreen system designs.

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WRB-AB sheathing streamlines wall assembly and cladding compatibility

With the variety of cladding materials available today, and designers’ penchants to combine styles and textures, it is essential to specify building envelope controls that are compatible with multiple cladding types. This balancing act between aesthetic preferences and air and moisture management is where gypsum-integrated water-resistive barrier-air barrier (WRB-AB) sheathings shine.

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