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Aesthetics, stability go hand-in-hand with continuous exterior insulation systems

How can designers, specifiers, and contractors capitalize on the growing trend of multiple aesthetic looks for a building’s exterior while ensuring the structural stability of a building enclosure? The connective tissue to solve this equation lies beneath what the eye can see. It is a singular, cohesive building envelope which relies on exterior continuous insulation (ci). Employing materials to work in concert with each other can deliver key value propositions, such as design freedom, long-term performance, potential cost savings, and peace of mind.

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Ensuring proper air barrier adhesion for maximum performance

Using a fully adhered air barrier, whether sheet-applied or fluid-applied, is essential in creating a continuous barrier which will minimize air leakage. How well the membrane is bonded to the wall substrate will greatly affect the barrier’s performance. This adhesion is a critically important, yet often overlooked, factor in air barrier selection, and it impacts the building envelope’s performance from the day it is installed and throughout the life of the building.

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The air barrier pre-installation meeting

The air barrier is one of the most significant items on any building exterior. The installation and process should reflect the importance of the system and its intricate installation and integration of non-air barrier system components, such as waterproofing, structural elements, windows, and roofing systems.

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