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New closure solutions influencing the commercial design industry

Architects have long turned to overhead coiling door manufacturers for closure solutions that provide safety, security, and peace of mind. A number of advancements in recent years, including specialty doors, grilles, and fire products with low profiles and reduced head room, have turned this product category into a collection of solutions blending form and function in exciting new ways.

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Specifying glass for sloped glazing and skylights

Custom-designed sloped glazing and skylights have long brought a distinctive architectural statement to atriums and other features of commercial buildings. While the framing is essential for supporting the structure and resisting environmental loads, the selection and specification of the overhead glass is of the greatest importance due to the hazards posed by potential breakage. The glazing and fenestration industry has developed a guide to assist designers and specifiers prioritize and apply the variables to meet applicable code provisions, minimize breakage, and maximize performance.

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Door hardware 101: The basics of door hardware specifications

Door hardware specifications can be confusing and tedious. Just the thought of having to recall door hardware terminology, code requirements, and best practices is overwhelming. Then, transferring that knowledge to work when designing commercial or institutional facilities with hundreds to thousands of openings, each including five to 10 pieces of hardware, seems like a monumental task. This reference guide explaining common terminology and hardware will help make the process a little less daunting.

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