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Specifying ceiling panels with a high NRC

Standards now require high-performance sound absorption overhead in many building types. Understanding the acoustic requirements within the building standards and translating those correctly into a project’s written specification is only the first step. One should also understand other potential impacts on the building design to ensure the facility sounds good overall when completed.

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Paintable acoustic panels allow design flexibility

Fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels are a common solution for interior acoustic treatment. The composition of these panels includes a heavy density fiberglass board that is then wrapped in a decorative, acoustically breathable fabric. The material selected can either compliment the design of a space or be matched to blend in and go unnoticed.

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The acoustics of façades

An important function of the building envelope is noise mitigation. Mixed-use buildings offer the benefit of social activities adjacent to habitable units, but spaces such as restaurants and bars will often operate late into the night, and require the ability to generate higher noise levels.

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