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Writing a spec from scratch

Most technical specification template sections are available through software programs, but what if a template does not exist for a particular product or assembly? The following article outlines some of the steps to take when creating a spec from scratch.

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Not all composites are created equal: Redefining MasterFormat 08 54 00

While MasterFormat is the industry standard for organizing specifications for commercial projects, there are category exceptions specifiers, general contractors, and others should know about when using the CSI formats in the specification process. A change has recently been enacted that adds another subcategory to Section 08 54 00–Composite Windows. As of September 16, 2016, products made out of vinyl and wood must use the spec group 08 54 73, making them a different grade than a thermoset composite. Fiberglass thermoset products remain in the original composite category, Section 08 54 13–Fiberglass Windows.

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What’s warranted?

You are at the checkout of the big-box store, purchasing an item of consumer electronics worth about $200. As the sales clerk runs your credit card for the purchase, he asks in a bored tone, “Would you like to purchase an extended warranty for this?”

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